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 Welcome to Branch 15

Branch 15 of the Early Day Gas Engine & Tractor Association, a non-profit organization, was established at Powerland Heritage Park in Brooks, Oregon for people interested in the preservation and history of farm, industrial, machinery and artifacts.

In 2007, Branch 15 acquired a rare piece of Oregon’s history, the contents of the Wolf Iron Works manufacturing line shaft shop located in Portland, Oregon which built drag saws for the timber industry. All of the equipment and machinery remained intact with all the tooling and machinery used to build the gas engines and drag saws from raw castings to finished product.

Branch 15 Saturday Class

Date: Saturday, January 28, 2023 -- 9 am

Place: Wolf Iron Works - Powerland Heritage Park

Topic: Mini-Swap Meet

Our Next Meeting

Date: Saturday, February 4, 2023

Time: 11:30 am setup - Potluck at noon - Meeting Follows

Place: Northwest Vintage Car & Motorcycle Museum:

Address: Powerland Heritage Park: 3995 Brooklake Rd NE

 Visit Wolf Iron Works Educational Museum


In 2010, construction began on an authentic reproduction of an early 1900's industrial living museum building to house the Wolf Iron Works line shaft powered production shop. The original line shaft has been reassembled and connected to various machines (i.e., metal turning lathes, grinder, drill press, etc.) to as close as is operationally possible and visitors can see operating equipment and machinery dating to the 19th century. We just received a Certificate of Occupancy from Marion County, so the Museum will be open to the public whenever there is a special event at Powerland Heritage Park.

Library Resources

Google 360 View of Wolf Iron Works Museum


3995 Brooklake Rd NE
Brooks, Oregon



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